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Welcome to Tree Removal Plano! We've served the Plano, Texas community for over 15 years and we are happy to be Texas's top rated tree service company. We provide a variety of high quality tree services in Plano at affordable prices.

You'll find more information about tree removal, trimming and pruning, stump grinding and emergency services below. If you need immediate emergency service, or you'd like to speak with someone right now, give us a call at (469) 331-6101. You can also request an online quote for your project by completing the quick form. See for yourself why we are the number one rated tree service company in Plano!

Tree Removal

Complete removal of a tree in Plano can not only be hard to accomplish, but it can also be very dangerous. Your property will be in good hands when you choose Tree Removal Plano for your project, as we're the top tree removal company in Plano and can handle any type of job. Our track record and affordable prices speak for themselves, which is why we offer free estimates on all projects.

There many different reasons to consider removing a tree in Plano. Your tree might be dying or have a disease, it could present a hazard to your property or to people, it's growth may be obstructing things that can't be fixed with proper trimming and pruning, or you may just want to get rid of it to free up some extra space. Homeowners oftentimes need to tree removal service in Plano if they are landscaping their property or a construction company is performing a project.

The team at Tree Removal Plano has experienced arborists that know when it's time to remove a tree, or whether it might be a better option to treat and preserve the tree. At the end of the day, we know that you are looking for affordable, friendly and experienced service, and with Tree Removal Plano, thet's exactly what you will get.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Service

Tree trimming service is necessary for just about all types of trees, some of which grow much faster than others and will require more frequent service. When the team at Tree Removal Plano performs tree trimming in Plano our main goal is to improve the health of the tree and improve it's look and structure. Our crew will inspect your tree and assess which branches and limbs need to be cut, trimmed or removed. Our experienced team will create a better structure, improve the health of your tree and lessen wind resistance or reduce potential problems that could arise with stormy weather. Trimming is more important with younger trees as they need to be shaped in order to grow properly.

There are many reasons why hiring tree pruning service in Plano is a good idea. Pruning is highly skilled work, and there are many different techniques that can be used, which is why it's important to hire the best possible company around, which is Tree Removal Plano. Our team can quickly assess and find infected or diseased branches or limbs, damaged limbs, dead limbs, and get rid of branches that are rubbing each other or need to be removed for any other reason. Our crew will also look at structures near your tree ensuring that it's not blocking any desired views, or getting too close to electrical or telephone wires. Once our Plano crew is done pruning your trees, you're trees will have never looked better!

Stump Grinding

Once you cut down and remove a tree in Plano, you often still need to have the stump removed. While it may not seem very difficult, removing a stump is the hardest part, which is why only a few companies offer the service at all. It's also more expensive than people realize as well. Our team at Tree Removal Plano can remove any size and type of stump, and we'll do it at our fair, low prices.

With unmatched dependability, experienced professionals and the best prices, Tree Removal Plano is your number one choice for stump removals. Our team has experience with the most popular removal techniques including stump grinding. Our crew will determine the best and most efficient way to remove your stump based on a variety of factors including the type of tree stump, soil conditions, the nearby area, age of the stump, it's roots underground and more. Give us a call at (469) 331-6101 if you'd live more information, have any questions or you would like a free estimate to get rid of your stump.

Emergency Tree Services

The team at Tree Removal Plano is ready 24/7 to help with any emergency tree issues you may have. Storms can create dangerous situations with fallen branches and sometimes entire trees. This can lead to expensive property damage to homes and buildings, cars and sometimes even injuries to people as well, so it's very important to take care of any issues as soon as they arise. Tree Removal Plano has a ton of experience with all types of tree emergencies and our crew has seen it all, so you're in good hands when you go with us.

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